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A bee tree is a tree that is hollow and has a colony of honey bees living inside. However, a bee tree can have any rang of bees, wasp, or hornets living inside them.

If you have honey bees or some other bee/wasp colony living on the outside of the tree (very rare but it does happen) it's not called a bee tree it's called a open or exposed colony. An exposed colony is a different situation altogether and should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Bee Tree 
This "bee tree" was cut down before the property owner knew it had bees living inside the tree. We removed the section of tree containing the bee hive, placed boards over the top and brought it back to our bee yard.

First and foremost you need to understand that most people who think they have a bee tree problem actually don't have a problem. Here is a list of what I consider problems and non-problems.


Bee Tree Problems

  • A bee tree that is very close to your home, i.e. near side walks, porches, patios, driveways or other areas where you and the bees will often be crossing paths.

  • A bee tree that is very close to your pet pens or livestock. This condition is very much like what is listed above where the bees and your pet or livestock are going to be too close, but only if conditions exist where the pet/animal can't get away.

  • A bee tree that is dead or dyeing and the tree needs to be cut down or removed.

  • A bee tree that has fallen over.

  • Bee trees in public areas including golf courses, parks, near pools, in parking lots, etc.


Non Bee Tree Problems

  • A bee tree that is close to your house but the cavity or colony entrance is 40+ feet in the air.

  • A bee tree on the side of your house that you haven't walked through in two years and I need a machete or bushhog to get to, is not a problem.

  • A bee tree in the middle of a field. It doesn't matter if you have live stock living there with them. (animals get along with each other better than humans and animals do) As long as the livestock/pets can run away it's NOT a problem.

  • You have a bee tree on your property and you have a child.

  • Just because you "know" you have a bee tree doesn't automatically make you liable for the idiot who sticks their arm/head/leg into the tree. Didn't you know that you have spiders, scorpions, ants, and a hole host of biting-sting insects on your that you know does that make you liable?


I hope this helped. If you still have questions please feel free to email or call. If you do call/email please don't ask me how to kill the bees. I'm not going to tell you for two reasons. One I'm a beekeeper not a bee killer, it is a very rare thing for me to kill a honey bee colony. Second bees are wild animals they can and will act unpredictably, you could be hurt or killed by disturbing them or their nest. I'm a certified professional with years of experience, along with the tools and protective equipment needed to deal with honey bees.



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