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Cicada Killer

Cicada Killer

The cicada killers are common throughout North America. There are several different species of cicada killers. The one found in Georgia is often referred to as the Eastern Cicada Killer. I have received many calls concerning their presents in and around people's yards. In all actuality they pose little threat to humans or animals.

Cicada Killers are solitary wasp, (they live by themselves) that dig single holes into sandy or soft soil to build their nest. Often many Cicada Killers will have nest in a close area, (having 5-20 nest in a 5ft. X 5ft. area). They are large wasp, some reaching 3/4 to 2 inches in length. For this reason (plus their coloring) many people fear them. Cicada Killers can often be seen in the mid to late summer flying around their nesting sites. They are aggressive to any other flying insect, and pay little to no attention to humans or other animals. Cicada Killers are not considered to be hazardous to people or animals because the chance of being stung is almost zero. Only if they are handled, or stepped on have they been known to sting. Like all wasp the sting from a Cicada Killer is painful.

Do to the fact that cicada killers are not considered a hazard and their nesting cycle is so short, Owens Apiaries does not treat or destroy their nesting sites. They pose almost no threat to people or animals.



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